Languages and linguistics in the community

Languages and linguistics in the community

Language_Detectives_MainCambridge Bilingualism Network works with different groups in the community, schools, and nurseries to share current linguistic research about multilingualism, build a network of researchers and practitioners and collaborate for the benefit of speakers of more than one language. Take a look at our new website We Speak Multi for parents and antenatal practitioners, including a webinar recording.

I enjoy talking and writing about why language is fascinating in all sorts of contexts. The Cambridge Festival of Ideas is a feast of events for the mind, where I have given a talk about pragmatics and child development, and organised some Bilingualism Network events. You can read some of my pieces for educators and practitioners here. 

As a PhD student I founded and contributed to the blog Cam Lang SciYou can read posts where I talk about my research or current language issues here.

The ESRC Educated Brain seminar series brought together neuroscientists, psychologists, teachers and educators, and I contributed to the policy briefs, which are now available.

Cambridge Bilngualism Network made a mini film to encourage young speakers of community languages to keep up their languages and develop biliteracy, ‘Your Languages, Your Future’.

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