Papers & Talks

Papers & Talks

Papers and chapters

Wilseon, E. & Katsos, N. (accepted) Pragmatic, linguistic and cognitive factors in young children’s development of quantity, relevance and word learning inferences. Journal of Child Language. PDF

Wilson, E., Lawrence, R. and Katsos, N. (under revision). The role of perspective-taking in children’s quantity implicatures. PDF

Mueller, L-M., Howard, K., Wilson, E., Gibson, J., & Katsos., N (2020) Multilingualism in the Family and Child Well-being: a scoping review. Pre-print (accepted version) PDF

Wilson, E. & Katsos, N. (2020). Acquiring implicatures. In Schneider, Klaus P., and Ifantidou, Elly (Eds.) Developmental and Clinical Pragmatics. Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter Mouton. (pp 119-148)

Wilson, E. & Katsos, N., (2016). In a manner of speaking: an empirical investigation of Manner Implicatures. In F. Salfner and U. Sauerland (Eds.), Preproceedings of Trends in Experimental Pragmatics (TiXPrag Workshop), Berlin. PDF   Items  Exp 

Katsos, N., & Wilson, E. (2014). Convergence and divergence between word learning and pragmatic inferencing. In J. Degen, M. Franke, & N. Goodman (Eds.), Proceedings – Formal and Experimental Pragmatics Workshop (pp. 14–20). Tübingen. PDF

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (Manuscript, 2017). Children’s perspective-taking in pragmatic inferences. PDF Repository

Conference presentations and posters

Wilson, E., Lawrence, R. and Katsos, N. (June 2018).  The development of perspective-taking in pragmatic inferencing. Oral presentation at Child Language Symposium, Reading.

Müller, L-M & Wilson, E. (May 2018). Cambridge Bilingualism Network: exploring and supporting multilingualism and subjective
family wellbeing. Poster: HaBilNet1, Brussels.

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (August 2017).  Children’s understanding of implicatures: Is theory of mind always necessary? TalkESPP, Hertfordshire.

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (July 2017). Acquisition of quantity, relevance and word learning inferences, and their relationship with Theory of Mind. PosterIASCL, Lyon.

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (June 2017). Speaker epistemic state and ad hoc quantity implicatures in children. TalkXPrag, Köln.

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (2016) Acquisition of quantity, relevance and word learning inferences, and their relationship with Theory of Mind. Cambridge Language Sciences Annual Symposium. Cambridge. Poster PDF.

Katsos, N. & Wilson, E., (2014). Word Learning and Implicature: Same and different. Beyond words 2; new developments in pragmatics. Leipzig. abstract

PhD Thesis Children’s development of Quantity, Relevance and Manner implicature understanding and the role of the speaker’s epistemic state. PDF.

Invited talks

‘In a manner of speaking: revisiting the fourth maxim.’ University College London Pragmatics reading group. January 2016.

‘Towards a unified account of word-learning and non-literal inference?’ Napoleon Katsos & Elspeth Wilson, Queen Mary University of London LingLunch. Nov 2013.

Articles and reports for a general audience

Elspeth Wilson (2020) Little Communicators: on investigating children’s pragmatic development. Babel: the language magazine. Preprint.

Lisa-Maria Müller, Elspeth Wilson, Napoleon Katsos (2018). Multilingualism and wellbeing in UK: Report – Cambridge Bilingualism Network Forums – June, July, October 2017. PDF.

Elspeth Wilson (2018). Book review: The wonders of language; Or: How to make noises and influence people (Roberts, 2017). Babel: the language magazine No23.preprint

Becky Brooks & Elspeth Wilson (2017). What, exactly, do you mean by that? Babel: the language magazine. No18. Pull-out poster.

MPhil Thesis Disambiguating ‘again’: a theoretical and experimental perspective. PDF.
‘Time and again: the intriguing life of a temporal adverb.’ May 2015. 6th Annual Marshall McLuhan Symposium, Trinity Hall. ppt.