Papers & Talks

Papers & Talks

Papers and chapters

Wilseon, E. & Katsos, N. (submitted) Pragmatic, linguistic and cognitive factors in young children’s development of quantity, relevance and word learning inferences. PDF

Wilson, E., Lawrence, R. and Katsos, N. (under revision). The role of perspective-taking in children’s quantity implicatures. PDF

Mueller, L-M., Howard, K., Wilson, E., Gibson, J., & Katsos., N (2020) Multilingualism in the Family and Child Well-being: a scoping review. Pre-print (accepted version) PDF

Wilson, E. & Katsos, N. (2020). Acquiring implicatures. In Schneider, Klaus P., and Ifantidou, Elly (Eds.) Developmental and Clinical Pragmatics. Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter Mouton. (pp 119-148)

Wilson, E. & Katsos, N., (2016). In a manner of speaking: an empirical investigation of Manner Implicatures. In F. Salfner and U. Sauerland (Eds.), Preproceedings of Trends in Experimental Pragmatics (TiXPrag Workshop), Berlin. PDF   Items  Exp 

Katsos, N., & Wilson, E. (2014). Convergence and divergence between word learning and pragmatic inferencing. In J. Degen, M. Franke, & N. Goodman (Eds.), Proceedings – Formal and Experimental Pragmatics Workshop (pp. 14–20). Tübingen. PDF

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (Manuscript, 2017). Children’s perspective-taking in pragmatic inferences. PDF Repository

Conference presentations and posters

Wilson, E., Lawrence, R. and Katsos, N. (June 2018).  The development of perspective-taking in pragmatic inferencing. Oral presentation at Child Language Symposium, Reading.

Müller, L-M & Wilson, E. (May 2018). Cambridge Bilingualism Network: exploring and supporting multilingualism and subjective
family wellbeing. Poster: HaBilNet1, Brussels.

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (August 2017).  Children’s understanding of implicatures: Is theory of mind always necessary? TalkESPP, Hertfordshire.

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (July 2017). Acquisition of quantity, relevance and word learning inferences, and their relationship with Theory of Mind. PosterIASCL, Lyon.

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (June 2017). Speaker epistemic state and ad hoc quantity implicatures in children. TalkXPrag, Köln.

Wilson, E., & Katsos, N. (2016) Acquisition of quantity, relevance and word learning inferences, and their relationship with Theory of Mind. Cambridge Language Sciences Annual Symposium. Cambridge. Poster PDF.

Katsos, N. & Wilson, E., (2014). Word Learning and Implicature: Same and different. Beyond words 2; new developments in pragmatics. Leipzig. abstract

PhD Thesis Children’s development of Quantity, Relevance and Manner implicature understanding and the role of the speaker’s epistemic state. PDF.

Invited talks

‘In a manner of speaking: revisiting the fourth maxim.’ University College London Pragmatics reading group. January 2016.

‘Towards a unified account of word-learning and non-literal inference?’ Napoleon Katsos & Elspeth Wilson, Queen Mary University of London LingLunch. Nov 2013.

Articles and reports for a general audience

Elspeth Wilson (2020) Little Communicators: on investigating children’s pragmatic development. Babel: the language magazine. Preprint.

Lisa-Maria Müller, Elspeth Wilson, Napoleon Katsos (2018). Multilingualism and wellbeing in UK: Report – Cambridge Bilingualism Network Forums – June, July, October 2017. PDF.

Elspeth Wilson (2018). Book review: The wonders of language; Or: How to make noises and influence people (Roberts, 2017). Babel: the language magazine No23.preprint

Becky Brooks & Elspeth Wilson (2017). What, exactly, do you mean by that? Babel: the language magazine. No18. Pull-out poster.

MPhil Thesis Disambiguating ‘again’: a theoretical and experimental perspective. PDF.
‘Time and again: the intriguing life of a temporal adverb.’ May 2015. 6th Annual Marshall McLuhan Symposium, Trinity Hall. ppt.